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Leverage OT3

The White Pawns

Hardison, Eliot & Parker, The Leverage Kids OT3.
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Hardison, Parker and Eliot

Come, Join and post: Any Fic, Vids, Icons, Artwork or anything else to do with our favorite thieves is welcome here!

Focus must be on one or more of the three - so an Eliot background story with a little Nate is okay, Eliot/Nate is not - and all three of them together are preferred :D.

Art must be no bigger than 300*300px and Suitable for work, or stick it under a cut and use a small teaser. Please only 3 icons as teasers.

Please use a header on your post - something like :

<B>Title </B>
<B>Medium </B>
<B>Characters </B>
<B>Rating, Genre, warnings:</B>
<B>Summary </B>

Note: we're followed by leveragenews and if you want them to pick up your work you need to include a Rating, Genre and (for anything other than gen fic) the character names of the pairing or moresome within your header.

Please tag if you can, available tags are:

  • Fic:Gen
  • Fic:Slash
  • Fic:Het
  • Fic:Anything Goes!
  • Art:Icons
  • Art:Manip
  • Art:Artistic
  • Art:Banners
  • Art:Wallpaper
  • Vid
  • Fanmix
  • Picspam
  • G
  • PG
  • PG13
  • R
  • NC17
  • Character:Eliot
  • Character:Hardison
  • Character:Parker
  • OT3
  • Parker/Hardison
  • Parker/Eliot
  • Eliot/Hardison
  • Other Character Pairing


If you want to pimp your comm or challenge etc, please contact a mod FIRST and please make sure any graphics larger than 300x300 are under a cut, thank you.

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